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Caring for newborns; Supporting “new” Mums

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Newborn Education Services & Training Accredited non-medical Maternity Nurse/Maternity Nanny/ Postnatal Care Courses

Caring for newborns, supporting you in supporting ‘new’ Mothers

Postnatal Care/non-medical Maternity Nursing

With a distinct lack of community support in all areas of postnatal care, and midwives stretched to the limit, it makes sense to look at the non-medical option.

The NEST course in Postnatal Care/non-medical Maternity Nursing provides the opportunity to gain accredited certification at levels 3 &/OR level 4

Level 3 Distance Learning with tutorial support:  £440 (monthly payment plan option available)

Contact 07811 862930 for a chat or advice about the courses on offer for further information on all NEST courses

NEST Accredited Modular & Short Courses

Modular courses in Breastfeeding, Multiples, & Sleep Training @ level 3

The Postnatal Depression course is led by Anna Butcher, Registered Counselling Psychologist

Our short courses are led by the very experienced multiple babies PNC specialist, Susie Wilsher. Her talks will include tongue tie, managing bereavement, hypnobirthing & baby massage

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NEST Nanny Course<br />

NEST Nanny Course

Viewing being a Nanny as a Career is not a new phenomenon, but the Nanny Education Services & Training approach is fresh and modern.

The NEST Nanny Course offers ‘boutique learning’, designed and tailored to suit contemporary family living.

There is (and always will be) an element of the ‘old school’ in Nanny training but we have managed to harness the areas both parents and established nannies feel to be very relevant to today’s family school, home life and social calendar.

By evaluating the needs of each age group, we provide a template of learning programme which each nanny can adapt to her individual family needs.

NEST Maternity Nanny

Internationally recognised Blended Learning course

  • 15 credits @ level 3,
    coursework + tutorials
  • 15 credits @ level 4,
    coursework + tutorials
  • Flexible fee payments
  • Immediate start
  • Mentorship/Work experience available on request (subject to parent volunteers)

No artificial theories, just a fresh, realistic approach, tying ‘old fashioned’ values together with modern methods and principles of newborn/childcare.

What is a Maternity Nurse (postnatal carer) and what does the role entail?

The Maternity Nurse is a non-medical postnatal carer who plays a tremendously important role in the lives of new mothers and their newborn babies

They provide support, advice and guidance

They may remain in the home until the mother feels confident to care for her own baby.

Maternity Nurses (non-medical/postnatal carers) may choose to work on a consultancy-only basis, and enjoy the flexibility to negotiate their hours, fees and contract arrangements.

Welcome to NEST

For over thirty years I have worked within the regime of the young and the very young as a Maternity Nurse, a non-medical practitioner practising postnatal care, latterly becoming a teacher, researcher and educator. By combining these key ingredients I adapted my research into a training programme for those who wish to enter the specialist field of newborn care as a Maternity Nurse (Postnatal Carer / non-medical Maternity Nurse).

Kate Cranston-Stephens BA (Hons), DPNC, MdipEd, and founder of NEST

“Dear NEST, just wanted to say thank you for providing such great courses for all of us working in the childcare industry. So proud to call myself a qualified NEST Post Natal Carer and I look forward to attending more courses.”

“Kate’s courses are always extremely professionally presented and well delivered. I believe the success of the course lies in her ability to bring out the best in every candidate and to treat each person with utmost respect.”

“I am really enjoying working through the coursework for the Breast feeding module. It is really the in-depth course I had hoped it would be. The help, guidance and support with every step has been brilliant.”

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