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About NEST

  • We’re top of the class!
  • Impressive retention, completion and success figures by any standard.
  • Quality of teaching and support is exemplary.
  • Excellent learner feedback on coursework.
  • Feedback sheets to learners are excellent.
  • Internal moderation records are excellent.

Dedicated, enthusiastic, and highly professional course team

NEST recognises that your success is the key to our own

The NEST Objective

To provide the best possible grounding for the career minded Maternity Nurse / Maternity Nanny (postnatal care) ‘graduate’, in tandem with providing a platform for those experienced professionals already active in the field to re-visit old thoughts and ideas and refresh. We encourage everyone to bring their own valuable experiences to the table and transfer those skills into each family home.

The NEST Message

Women supporting women.

The value of supporting women’s careers in both an academic yet practical sense cannot be underestimated. NEST Faculty members are a community of talented professionals who divide their time between working within the industry sharing their experiences as teachers and tutors to those who choose to study with us. 

The NEST Offering

Unparalleled range of expertise

We offer a diverse mix of full courses to enable practitioners to build upon their credits to broaden their portfolios. 

Our work experience programme is unparraled and functions through our own very experienced PNC, Ruth (ruthiematernity@yahoo.com)  

Study with NEST

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Our Education Strategy

Study that combines experience, learning & communication

In this profession, there are no quick fixes and no short cuts because you are the core for information, the teacher, the mentor, the ‘professional’ friend, the ears and the eyes entwined within so many different family dynamics. The only pathway to eliminate errors is through carefully structured study – to draw on both your own, and the experiences others and to explore the art of communication, all of which we consider to be part of our constructed programme of learning.

Our Communication Strategy

Who we are

Kate Cranston-Stephens, BA(Hons), MDipEd, Founder has spent 35 years as teacher, maternity nurse/PNC, and leads the PNC courses using her background as a researcher & academic writer. Laura Rownes, CPNC, DPNC, provides support and advice, is the resident first aider about to enter the realms of paediatric nursing to complete her own portfolio.

NEST Associate, Liz Woolfitt until recently headed the professional team for NEST Modular Courses within Newborn Education Services & Training (NEST). Liz  now specialises in the area of problem sleep, supporting parents through difficult times. Liz has a clear view on what is important to both parents and practitioners in Breastfeeding, Sleep Training & Multiples.

NEST Associate Aimee Stephens is a Hypnobirthing coach who specialises in helping women prepare for birth and overcome anxiety and fears about childbirth. She is an experienced teacher and evidence lead in Early Years education, working in schools and for the Education Endowment Foundation. We welcome her to our NEST training team.

NEST Associate Claire Thompson has, for over 13 years has provided expert support to parents and children of all ages. A former NEST. Postnatal Care/non-Medical Maternity Nursing graduate & Early Years degree, Claire has since brought her skills, experience and expertise back to her native Republic of Ireland to great success as an advisor in postnatal carer and early childhood, with her specialist field being premature and multiple babies.

Elaine Walsh, our course administrations manager, has been part of the NEST family for over 15 years now, providing her back of house expertise, supporting the whole team and part of our Assessment Panel (AP)

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