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The NEST Objective

To provide the best possible grounding for the career minded postnatal care ‘graduate’, in tandem with providing a platform for those experienced professionals already active in the field to re-visit old thoughts and ideas and refresh, bring their own valuable experiences to the table and transfer those skills to family home.

The NEST Message

Women supporting women.

The value of supporting women’s careers in both an academic yet practical sense is a particularly powerful message because postnatal /neonatal care is predominately, and almost completely, a female professional’s arena, reflected in the composition of the NEST Faculty’s staff and student community and to provide knowledge, not perceptions of what that care should be.

The NEST Offering

Unparalleled range of expertise

We off an unparalleled range of creative, topical and postnatal care-focused courses across key areas of expertise. Within each of these areas, we offer a diverse mix of full courses, modules, study and master classes in addition to bespoke courses to suit your environment, enabling practitioners to build upon their credits towards broadening their portfolios.

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Our Education Strategy

Study that combines experience, learning & communication

In this profession, there are no quick fixes and no short cuts because you are the core for information, the teacher, the mentor, the ‘professional’ friend, the ears and the eyes entwined within so many different family dynamics. The only pathway to eliminate errors is through carefully structured study – to draw on both your own, and the experiences others and to explore the art of communication, all of which we consider to be part of our constructed programme of learning.

Our Communication Strategy

Face-to-face care

Whilst the digital revolution has resulted in a widening of the number and types of organisations involved in this field, there is no replacement for the organic presence of long established one-to-one postnatal carer and the privilege of intimacy that brings – a powerful, yet vulnerable, place to be. So we facilitate our courses on a face to face basis, emulating every area of that care as far as we are able within an academic learning environment.

Kate Cranston-Stephens

BA (Hons), DPNC, MdipEd & founder of NEST

For over twenty years I have worked within the regime of the young and the very young as a Postnatal Carer / non-medical Maternity Nurse, teacher, researcher and educator. By combining these key ingredients I adapted my research into a training programme for those who wish to enter the specialist field of newborn care as a Postnatal Carer / non-medical maternity nurse.

Liz Woolfit


Liz Woolfitt heads the professional team of Modular Courses within Newborn Education Services & Training (NEST), an associate within its sister company, Newborn Education Ltd. Liz views her role as key in providing the perfect launch pad for a professional career in specific areas of postnatal care. A strong advocate in providing ongoing training, Liz has a clear and fresh view on what is important to both parents and practitioners in Breastfeeding, Sleep Training, Multiples and Postnatal Depression, when working within these specialist areas of postnatal care, drawing on her own experience both as an employer and employee. Having worked with children and families throughout her career – as a Nanny, and in postnatal care as a non-medical Maternity Nurse, Liz’s own extensive knowledge provides her with the ideal platform from which to deliver the NEST voluntary work experience programme, meeting with each student and visiting parent/s to ensure the right fit for both.

Claire Thompson

lead trainer for the Republic of Ireland

Claire has over 10 years experience in childcare for all ages, including a Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. As a former graduate of NEST’s Post-Natal Care and Non-Medical Maternity Nursing course, Claire has since brought her skills, experience and expertise back to her native Ireland to great success as a postnatal carer and maternity nurse. In the last 5 years she has worked with dozens of families with newborn, premature and multiple babies she brings hands-on experience and a depth of practical knowledge about caring for young children. She is also a mother to two children under two, so has gained first hand experience of pregnancy through to toddlerhood. Claire specialises in caring for multiples, but also has a superb track record helping parents and their babies through Sleep Training, Routine, Feeding and Nutrition. She understands it’s just as important to care for the new parents as for the child, bringing a natural confidence that rubs off on all her clients.

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