Postnatal Care Level 5 Course

Caring for newborns; Supporting “new” mums

PNC Level 5 Course

Postnatal Care/non-medical Maternity Nursing, Level 5

The ability to ascertain the impact of a newborn upon the family and offer solutions and resolutions to alleviate any negative impact is essential as a follow on to conducting and logging a family history.

The Level 5 course in Postnatal Care contains critical assessments, in where the learner must show the ability to identify areas of postnatal care and differentiate between the critical and the usual by amassing relevant information.

PNC Level 5 Course Topics

Course Intro

Under the auspices of N E S T, the candidate will use a range of established techniques to initiate and undertake critical analysis of information, and to propose solutions to problems arising from that analysis; effectively communicate information, arguments and analysis in a variety of forms to specialist and non-specialist audiences, and deploy key techniques of the discipline effectively; undertake further training, develop existing skills and acquire new competencies that will enable them to assume significant responsibility within their field.

Level 5 Accreditation is acknowledgement by an external body that the programme itself meets a defined set of overarching criteria and Graduates from accredited programmes are equipped with well-rounded knowledge and skill sets, making them highly employable both within and beyond their chosen field.

Course Expectations

The N E S T manual is issued to read both prior to attendance and throughout the study period. Each manual contains a description of assessment tasks, guidelines on how to produce required course work and a recommended bibliography. After course attendance, tutorial support is available via email, telephone or Skype. Bearing in mind that Level 5 is an academic, research based course demonstrating the Learners ability to instil confidence and provide relevant and well sourced factually based, course work.

N E S T Level 5 candidates should be able to demonstrate:

Knowledge and critical understanding of the well-established principles of newborn care, and of the way in which those principles have developed. Students should show an ability to apply underlying concepts and principles outside the context in which they were first studied. Where appropriate, this includes the application of those principles in an employment context.

Students should also show an ability to critically evaluate the appropriateness of various problem solving methods to any area of postnatal care studied by the candidate. An understanding of the limits of their knowledge, and how this influences analyses and interpretations based on that knowledge is also a critical component.

Jan @ London

Jan 26 – 27, London Imperial College, South Kensington

May @ London

May 25 – 26, London Imperial College, South Kensington

Sep @ London

Sep 28 – 29, London Imperial College, South Kensington

Feb @ London

Feb 23 – 24, London Imperial College, South Kensington

Jun @ London

Jun 29 – 30, London Imperial College, South Kensington

Oct @ London

Oct 26 – 27, London Imperial College, South Kensington

Mar @ London

Mar 30 – 31, London Imperial College, South Kensington

Jul @ London

Jul 27 – 28, London Imperial College, South Kensington

Nov @ London

Nov 23 – 24, London Imperial College, South Kensington

Apr @ London

Apr 27 – 28, London Imperial College, South Kensington

Aug @ London

Aug 24 – 25, London Imperial College, South Kensington

What our NESTers say about us

I remember while training one of the things we talked about was the many different roles you experience as a maternity nurse and it is definitely something I've always remembered. You not only join a family at one of the happiest moments of their lives, sometimes it's the saddest, most challenging, frustrating, amazing, funniest, most wanted, highest and lowest times of their lives. Peoples strengths and weaknesses are tested and as a maternity nurse you are there every step of the way, sharing, caring and guiding as much as you can."

Amanda Gaynor

"Getting in contact with N E S T was like a breath of fresh air. After my first phone call with Liz, she knew exactly what kind of help I needed. She was very supportive and genuinely cared. Even after placing a maternity nurse with me she requested regular updates. I am so thankful that I was able to contact her and would recommend all 'mothers to be' to do the same." 

Natasha Lazari

“After finishing the NEST course in Postnatal Care / Non-medical Maternity Nursing I have used that amazing opportunity to get some work experience with newborn triplets. As a Night Maternity Nurse I was taking care of the three baby-girls from 11pm to 7am and so gave a chance to their parents to take a good night rest. It didn't take me long to feel confident when feeding, burping and changing such a tiny babies. I am glad for this “hands-on” opportunity. Big Thank You to Liz for matching me with this fantastic family." 


"I just want to thank you for the photo you sent and also for the training we had that weekend. I was so touched and moved to hear all the stories and experience shared.  I was also inspired and determined though the knowledge and the teaching I gained that weekend to work hard and go out there, to be of help to new mums and their new babies. I just can't wait to work hard. Again thank you so much!"

Judith Katimbo

"I am back in chilly Johannesburg and ready to tackle my assignments! I absolutely loved the course and think Kate is truly inspiring!"

Patty Duff

"Well done! It's a fantastic course. I recommend it to all my nanny friends."

Delithea Denton

"I just wanted to congratulate you for the great workshop that you have created about the role of the Post-natal carer. I enjoyed every single minute of it and later on I would love to participate to the PND workshop. The teacher was just fantastic and her teaching skills and experience have been so valuable to me."

Vanessa Atzoria

"I am really enjoying working through the coursework for the Breast feeding module. It is really the in-depth course I had hoped it would be."

"Dear NEST, just wanted to say thank you for providing such great courses for all of us working in the childcare industry. So proud to call myself a qualified NEST Post Natal Carer and I look forward to attending more courses."

"I trained with N.E.S.T in September last year. I have to say the training is fantastic. I fully enjoyed my P.N.C course and highly recommend N.E.S.T. I'm planning to top up my level 3 diploma to level 4. I'm also planning to do the sleep training course and multiples course this year. One of my local nanny agencies are posting me an application form and would like to interview me. My future career is looking very promising thanks to N.E.S.T!"

Kelly Carr White

"A belated 'thank you' for all the support and expertise from the training, 29th/30th June. An amazing two days shared with an expert, professional team. Just finished the coursework which although challenging, highly necessary for the standards which N.E.S.T insist you adhere to. Will be meeting with a retired P.N.C. in a few days in the hope of getting a placement in the near future."

Julia Matthews

"Kate’s courses are always extremely professionally presented and delivered. I believe that one of the reasons for the success of this course is her ability to bring out the best in even the most unconfident of learners and to treat each learner with respect."

"I found the course to be impressive; lectures are informative yet interactive, academic without being too hi-brow, to the point yet substantial. Indeed, I took the opportunity of sitting-in on one of the courses as part of my own continuous professional development."

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