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We’re passionate about helping parents adjust to life with their new baby.

The Postnatal Care Course

The PNC course is offered at Level 3 & 4.

The Postnatal Care Course by NEST has been designed as a learning tool to build confidence and promote education in newborn care for both carer and mother.

This course is delivered in a 2-day intensive classroom style training program, followed by 6 weeks (Level 3) and 14 weeks (Level 4) of study with tutor and learning support. Course work is then submitted on conclusion for final assessment.

Modular Courses

Breastfeeding Level 3, 15 credits

Not always straightforward, we combine the biology of breastfeeding with the emotional and translate it into an every day life event, using empathy, support and guidance.

Multiples Level 3, 15 credits

In the main everyone is fascinated by the sight of twins, become entranced with triplets and in awe of multiples in general.

Sleep Training Level 3, 15 credits

Explores the whole area of sleep, and creates a partnership between knowledge and understanding, by investigating the relationship young children have with sleep.

Routine Level 3, 15 credits

By examining all the complexities of the family dynamic, it is the role of the Postnatal Carer to determine a routine that works for all. The most important role however, is to allow the baby to establish his own routine.

Postnatal Depression Course

Level 4, 15 credits

This course hopes to encourage you to further research and address the very subjective area of postnatal depression – an illness in where the mother often remains voiceless due to many reasons.

The course also hopes to encourage you to set up workshops and support groups for sufferers of both pre and post birth mothers, and their spouses.

NEST Nanny Course

The NEST nanny course is unique.

The course is designed to explore all aspects of being a nanny within the contemporary family community in a realistic framework. This course suits today’s pace of life, along with exploring the more traditional family.

With a a combination of ‘normal’ practical experience, and essential academic learning, the NEST Nanny course is designed to be accessible to those wishing to make a career in childcare.

The NEST approach to nannying is fresh and modern, accommodating the career nanny of today.

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