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Caring for Newborns, Supporting New Mums

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Introduction by Kate Cranston-Stephens BA (Hons), DPNC, MdipEd & Founder of NEST

For over twenty years I have worked within the regime of the young and the very young as a Postnatal Carer / non-medical Maternity Nurse, teacher, researcher and educator. By combining these key ingredients I adapted my research into a training programme for those who wish to enter the specialist field of newborn care as a Postnatal Carer / non-medical maternity nurse.

All NEST courses carry accreditation, the PNC / non-medical maternity nursing course carrying 12 credits @ Level 3 (equivalent to NVQ level 3 or ‘A’ level), the highest accredited course of its kind anywhere, with the opportunity to upgrade to level 4.

What is a Postnatal Carer / non-medical Maternity Nurse and what do they do?

The Postnatal Carer / non-medical Maternity Nurse plays a tremendously important role in the lives of new mothers and their newborn babies; they provide support, advice and guidance and may remain in the home until the mother feels confident to care for her own baby. PNC's may choose to work on a consultancy-only basis.

Liz Woolfitt, NNEB, CPNC, DPNC

Liz Woolfitt heads the professional team of Modular Courses within Newborn Education Services & Training (NEST), an associate within its sister company, Newborn Education Ltd. Liz views her role as key in providing the perfect launch pad for a professional career in specific areas of postnatal care.

A strong advocate in providing ongoing training, Liz has a clear and fresh view on what is important to both parents and practitioners in Breastfeeding, Sleep Training, Multiples and Postnatal Depression, when working within these specialist areas of postnatal care, drawing on her own experience both as an employer and employee.

Having worked with children and families throughout her career - as a Nanny, and in postnatal care as a non-medical Maternity Nurse, Liz’s own extensive knowledge provides her with the ideal platform from which to deliver the NEST voluntary work experience programme, meeting with each student and visiting parent/s to ensure the right fit for both.

NEST PNC Postnatal Care (PNC)/non-medical Maternity Nursing

Level 3, 12 credits £460

Level 4, 4 credits £240 for previous NEST students

Level 4, 22 credits £640

Any fee paying student signed up to participate in our modular courses is now invited to join the PNC/non-medical Maternity Nursing course as our guest (no fee) giving the opportunity to broaden their study base.

Work placements optional (after completion & accreditation)

Advice on developing your own surgeries and workshops, PR & marketing, CV & portfolio development.

Potential Earnings £800 to £1200 per week.
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NEST Nanny Course

Nanny Training Course

80 credits @ level 3

Accommodation available on site (optional & separate)

(Finance Options available)

This boutique Career Nanny Course is designed & tailored to offer a fresh, contemporary face.

Potential Earnings £400+ per week.
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NEST Modular Courses Delivered at Imperial College University, South Kensington, London SW7

Breastfeeding Level 3, 8 Cr £320
Sleep Training Level 3, 4 Cr £220
Multiples Level 3, 4 Cr £220
Routine Level 3, 4 Cr £220
(3 for 4 course option)

As part of our enhanced programme of learning, modular course students are invited to join the PNC/non-medical Maternity Nursing course as our guest (no additional fee) giving the opportunity to broaden their study base and discuss their topic within a group dynamic. Please see the Booking Form for dates.

Advice on developing workshops & marketing.

Potential Earnings £80 to £120 per hour.
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NEST Course in Postnatal Depression

Level 4, 18 Credits £600

Includes overnight accommodation in the medieval town of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

Individual Tuition/counselling require small ratio groups.

Prospectus available on request.

This course requires intensive study and commitment, designed for those looking to achieve a career in counselling.

Potential Earnings £120 per hour / £80 per session for 6 weeks.
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